Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oowey Gooey Ears

Oh, poor Gannon, again with the snot like substance coming out of his ears; this week we can blame it on congestion from a cold. I took him in to see the doctor on Tuesday because he had a bit of a rattle in his chest, more so then the normal rattle caused from the cleft. I started him on his ciprodex drops (for his ears) on Sunday, but because of the congestion and ear drainage he was also put on Augmentin. Anyone who has had their baby on this stuff knows what it does to them -- let's just say we've changed outfits at least three times a day, and had plenty of sponge baths! I was also told to call his ENT doctor to have his ears vacuumed out again if they didn’t clear up with in the next few days. As of today his ears have been fairly clear; however, he has been rubbing his thumb in them throughout the day. I’m truly hoping that tomorrow shows even more improvement because he really doesn’t like to have his ears vacuumed out.

This is a photo from the last time they sucked out the ooze from his ears. I know that it looks like our poor little guy is being tortured, but he's crying more because he's being restrained so tightly.
As gross as it is it’s still really kind of interesting. They place a little metal funnel in the ear, and then use the tiny metal tube to vacuum out the ear which is attached to a gray tube that runs to the machine. They also have a video camera that the doctor looks in to so that he can better see in the ear which also projects up on a monitor that flips out to the ceiling so that the parent can see what the doctor is doing inside that tiny little ear. Technology can be so cool.

On a lighter note, Gannon was weighed when we went in the clinic and he has lost a few ounces. He now weighs 19lbs 9oz. I figure it's because he is much more wiggly now, going no where fast. :)

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