Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oowey Gooey Ears

Oh, poor Gannon, again with the snot like substance coming out of his ears; this week we can blame it on congestion from a cold. I took him in to see the doctor on Tuesday because he had a bit of a rattle in his chest, more so then the normal rattle caused from the cleft. I started him on his ciprodex drops (for his ears) on Sunday, but because of the congestion and ear drainage he was also put on Augmentin. Anyone who has had their baby on this stuff knows what it does to them -- let's just say we've changed outfits at least three times a day, and had plenty of sponge baths! I was also told to call his ENT doctor to have his ears vacuumed out again if they didn’t clear up with in the next few days. As of today his ears have been fairly clear; however, he has been rubbing his thumb in them throughout the day. I’m truly hoping that tomorrow shows even more improvement because he really doesn’t like to have his ears vacuumed out.

This is a photo from the last time they sucked out the ooze from his ears. I know that it looks like our poor little guy is being tortured, but he's crying more because he's being restrained so tightly.
As gross as it is it’s still really kind of interesting. They place a little metal funnel in the ear, and then use the tiny metal tube to vacuum out the ear which is attached to a gray tube that runs to the machine. They also have a video camera that the doctor looks in to so that he can better see in the ear which also projects up on a monitor that flips out to the ceiling so that the parent can see what the doctor is doing inside that tiny little ear. Technology can be so cool.

On a lighter note, Gannon was weighed when we went in the clinic and he has lost a few ounces. He now weighs 19lbs 9oz. I figure it's because he is much more wiggly now, going no where fast. :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Our Easter Weekend Pics

On Good Friday we spotted the Easter bunny at Wal-Mart. We had gone to get Royce and Giovonnie much needed haircuts, and I bribed them; that they would each get $1.00 to if they sat still. After the new haircuts I followed the boys to the toy isle of the store, and on the way there he was just sitting and waiting for children to get there picture taken. I said, "Let me get Gannon's picture with the Easter Bunny because it's his first Easter, and how 'bout you guys join him." Royce said with a shrug, "Sure, why not." Giovonnie on the other hand said, "No, no, no." I tried to set him over there by the bunny, but he wouldn't go. He responded, "I like to find the Easter bunny's eggs, NOT THE EASTER BUNNY!" I guess this Easter bunny does look a bit scary.

Royce and Gannon with the Easter Bunny.

The rest of our weekend was spent up in MN, with the Cox side of the family.
Randy and Scott playing Royce's Nerf Dart Tag game while Royce and Spencer watch.

Royce finding Easter eggs.

Giovonnie and Lexi hunting for Easter eggs.

Gannon and Small Fry Celebrating Grandma Cathy's Birthday...
and Andrew's birthday too.

Lexi did a wonderful job serenading the family.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Wiley Woods

The next morning we did go back to Aunt Holly’s, and then once all the girls were gone we ate lunch then headed out to met up with the rest of the family at Wiley Woods in Wisconsin Dells.

Giovonnie aiming the ball gun at people across from him.

Ony at the end of the big purple slide.

Holly, Gannon, and Ella in a bucket under the big tree.

Giovonnie takes a ride down the blue slide.

Uncle Aaron with Gannon

Tana, Gannon, and Ella hanging like frogs on a log.
I convince the kids to gather up and let me take a picture of them while they take a snack break. From Lt to Rt: Laura Ann, Ony and Ella, Jonah, Royce, Brandon, and Marcos
Giovonnie hid around the backside, so I had to get a quick click of him behind the tail of Wiley.
Jonah hides in the basket under the tree.

You can run, but you can't hid forever. I got you Royce!

Finally after 5 hours of fun the adults called it a day, and we went our own way for dinner, but by 7pm Royce and Giovonnie had me talked into joining Aaron, his family, and Brandon and Marcos at the Public Pool. Gannon enjoyed his first dip in a swimming pool; to bad I didn't get photos of that. Then Sunday before we left we had a family dinner out at my moms, even my dad showed up to hangout with us. :)

Girl Trouble

Our first stop on our trip to WI, Mar. 09, was to Aunt Holly’s, as we were invited to Ony’s Spring Party. This was a co-ed party, but it seems that the boys in Ony’s class chickened out, so Royce was the only boy the same age/grade as Ony and her female classmates. This of course leads to that I like you; you like me 3rd grade game of girls chase the boy and push him down. This makes Royce upset, for an instant. That is until he figures out which girl it is that’s leading this game. He decides he likes her too. I find them in a face off, toe-to-toe, inching closer and closer together with squinted eyes and grimacing smirks … I brake it up by saying, “so are the two of you going to kiss right in front of me?!” They both brake way with red faces yelling, “NO, GROSS!” Later that evening we went over to Grandma Schoessow’s house, but Royce was soon asking, “Mom are we going to go back to Aunt Holly’s right after we wakeup?”

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Little on Love

As Joe went off on another Brother’s weekend last March I thought, “Why stay home? I haven’t seen my family for a while,” so off I went with Royce, Giovonnie, Gannon, and our dog Small Fry to WI to hang out with my family for the weekend. As I’ve mentioned before Royce is really into music, and so he asks, “Mom, can you turn on the radio?” I say, “Sure, Royce.” Now around here and in between there really isn’t a whole lot to choose from for style of music, so I push the scan button -- sure enough it stops on a country station. Royce says, “Leave this on mom, this is what we listen to on the bus. I’ve heard this song before.” Well to be honest I’ve heard it before to, so I start singing along trying to get Royce and Giovonnie to sing along too. “Living on Love, buying on time, without somebody nothing an’t worth a dime…” Soon the song ends, and Royce chirps quietly, “Mom, do you believe in love at first sight, ‘cause some people say that that’s true.” I contemplate my answer, thinking very hard on how I should answer this question and what possibly the reason for the question might be. Royce chimes a bit louder, “Mommm.” I reply, “I heard you, Royce, I was just thinking about it. Well, I guess some people may think it is true, but I’m not so sure… you see that’s just never happened for me like that. I think that we think we like someone, and then we get to know that person, and love could grow. Does that make sense? Anyhow, why do you ask? Is there someone you think you might be in l..o…v..e with?” Royce replies, “Maybe.” So I ask, “Who?” He replies, “You know.” “I know? How would I know there are lots of girls in you class. I don’t know.” is my reply. “Not this school,” Royce says, “my other school.” “Oh,” I say, “I do know. It’s ____________. (I won’t say the name as it might embarrass him.) He says, “and you don’t have to tell Dad either ‘cause He ALREADY KNOWS. Oh, Gees..."as he covers his face with his hands. (I think that he knows that he’s opened the door, and is regretting the conversation.)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Boy Scout Day Camp

The boy scout day camp was a fun outing for the whole family. We went to a collage basketball game at Briarcliff. Afterwards we enjoyed cold greasy pizza while the basketball team signed autographs for the boy scouts. Once we were done eating pizza the boys were schooled by a couple of guys from the Briarcliff sports teams. It was a long evening, but over all Royce and Giovonnie had tons of fun, and if I say so myself Joe and I had fun too.

Royce reaches low to catch this pass while zig zaging through some orange cones.

Royce flys high to catch the pass, and land in the "end zone."

The football slips threw Giovonnie's fingers as he trys to catch the ball.

Royce shows 'em how a good push-up is done with a bit of coaching.

Giovonnie gives his all while doing sit-ups to show he can keep up with the big boys.

Royce races to the other end of the gym while dribbling the basketball.

Royce in Basketball Action.

This boy can jump!

In the long jump Royce jumped 5'10".

In the high jump Royce hit 6'6"!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Another Mini Vacation Day

The Butterfly House

In Sioux Falls there is a little butterfly house that we went to visit on Joe’s birthday after his birthday dinner at Famous Dave’s. We were really going to go on Valentine’s Day after lunch at Red Lobster, but by the time we got to the butterfly house it was closed because we missed out on it then Joe chose to go during his birthday outing just for me (What a kind husband). I have to say I don’t know why I’d want to go to a place like that being I’m afraid of moths. I know it’s a ridicules fear, but it all stems back to a dream I had years ago of a giant moth landing on my neck and suffocating me. Joe woke me, because I was apparently struggling with the sheets that were flapping on my neck due to the fan that was on -- since then I’ve been totally freaked out by moths. Anyhow, just as we are to walk in the door of the butterfly sanctuary I see shadow boxes with huge moths in them, so I ask, “Are there really moths in there too?” (Like why wouldn’t there be; butterflies and moths are related species, duh!) Then not really thinking about it I say, “Oh, moths freak me out!” This of course perks up Giovonnie’s concern, that if mom is afraid I should be too. The whole time we are in there he is ducking and running away from the butterflies & moths. He was ready to leave the moment we stepped in the door, so we only stayed about 20 minutes. It was still really neat to show the boys butterfly how they suck up nectar with their tongues.


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