Saturday, May 23, 2009

Giovonnie Kindergarten Graduation

My little Giovonnie is growing and growing, and before I even dreamed about it he was Graduating. Ok, so it's only from Kindergarten, but it's still quite the momentous occasion for our family.

Giovonnie gets his diploma from the principal Mr.Kerr .

Boyden-Hull Kindergarten (KA) Class 2009

Notice Giovonnie pushing his diploma in that other kids face, and that's about all the longer it lasted. His class was escorted to sit on the floor in front of the bleachers right below where we were sitting, and it was there that Giovonnie decide he was a hungry mouse and chewed a hole in his diploma (and a bit off the sides).

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mother's Day

I've been a bit busy last week, and forgot to give my boys their props for giving me such a wonderful Mother's Day. We actually celebrated on Saturday, and it was just perfect weather for our picnic in the park, and an afternoon at the Zoo in Sioux Fall, SD. On our way to Sioux Falls Joe ordered a to go family meal from Famous Daves (on of my favorite places to eat). Perfectly timed that it was hot and ready when we stopped by to pick it up. Then off to the park which is located right next to the zoo. Once we finished eating and cleaning up it was zoo time.

My boys on the way into the zoo.

Silly Ride

Royce and Giovonnie catching Piggy Back Rides on a statue of a boy feeding an animal.

Royce and Giovonnie monkeying around with the green screen.

Family Photo: Royce,Giovonnie "GioGio", Tana, Gannon, and Joe on the train ride.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Gannon 6 months and Growing

Gannon turned 6 months old on May 5, yep Cinco de Mayo, so to celebrate I went and had his pictures taken at a studio. After the bill I thought to myself, I really could have done this myself; however the pictures are still cute. You may check them out at click on view portrait session online, click on "more" at the bottom of the page, click on Tana Cox, type in password: gannon.

Then on the 6th we went in for his 6-month check-up at 10am. Gannon's about in the 90th% in all areas weight, height, and head circumference. He is a hefty 21lbs 9oz, is 28in long, and has a head circumference 17 3/4in around. I’m happy to report both his ears were clear. Dr. Anderson said that she could see the tubes, and neither of them was blocked! :) He was also getting over his cold and his lungs were also clear. The only thing that could be of concern was that he had a rash on his back, some of which looked like hives other of the red bumps not. The hives could have been linked to the applesauce that he had eaten the night before, but who's allergic to applesauce. We'll try it again one the rash clears up just to make sure. Gannon also received his 6mo shots, which went better then expected. He only cried until we got home (7-10min drive), and I gave him a bottle before he napped. He did get a bit of a fever, but Tylenol brought it down quite quickly. Over all he was happy most of the day.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Family Night

On Friday we attempted to go see a movie for our family night, but we headed out a bit late, and found ourselves stuck at the end of a very long line which meant we would miss the beginning of the movie. After discussions we headed back home without seeing the movie, but with hopes of catching the flick on Saturday night.
This time we also planned on dinning out before the hitting the show. As we headed into the restaurant we reminded the boys of good behaviors, and really stressed to Giovonnie that there would be no temper tantrums or yelling. Giovonnie rolling his eyes said, “I know, I KNOW. Why does every one keep telling me everything all the time?” Once seated our waitress came to our table to take our drink orders, I must have missed it when Gio Gio ordered his drink and asked him what he would like. The waitress replied with a gleeful smile, “I already got his; he’s very on top of it. Gio Gio then gives her a huge charming smile. Joe then mentions how well behaved Gio Gio is being due to the cute waitress. I say, “Yep, that’s got to be it. He’s on his best behavior when there is a cute older girl to flirt with.” Giovonnie then reaches across and taps the table in front of me, and with a huge grin says, “Cute and Cuddly, Mom, Cute and Cuddly.”


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