Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Another Mini Vacation Day

The Butterfly House

In Sioux Falls there is a little butterfly house that we went to visit on Joe’s birthday after his birthday dinner at Famous Dave’s. We were really going to go on Valentine’s Day after lunch at Red Lobster, but by the time we got to the butterfly house it was closed because we missed out on it then Joe chose to go during his birthday outing just for me (What a kind husband). I have to say I don’t know why I’d want to go to a place like that being I’m afraid of moths. I know it’s a ridicules fear, but it all stems back to a dream I had years ago of a giant moth landing on my neck and suffocating me. Joe woke me, because I was apparently struggling with the sheets that were flapping on my neck due to the fan that was on -- since then I’ve been totally freaked out by moths. Anyhow, just as we are to walk in the door of the butterfly sanctuary I see shadow boxes with huge moths in them, so I ask, “Are there really moths in there too?” (Like why wouldn’t there be; butterflies and moths are related species, duh!) Then not really thinking about it I say, “Oh, moths freak me out!” This of course perks up Giovonnie’s concern, that if mom is afraid I should be too. The whole time we are in there he is ducking and running away from the butterflies & moths. He was ready to leave the moment we stepped in the door, so we only stayed about 20 minutes. It was still really neat to show the boys butterfly how they suck up nectar with their tongues.

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