Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Family Updates..."So it's been a while."

Well, it's been a while since I've posted on my blog. I've been a bit busy as of late; I've been attending AIU online for my BFA in Visual Communications-digital design (which is graphic design, web design, and illustration). With that has come loads of writing 1-2 page papers (or 800 word papers), plus a main discussion board post and a number of response post (which also vary in length and requirements depending on the class. So far I've had a business class and two graphic design classes, a business law class which has to do with a lot of website, Internet, and other cyber laws (not my favorite class, but tons of good info)and now a computer design class. With that said you may understand why I've been lacking in the blogging world. (Writing/typing is one of the last things I really want to do.) Anyhow, I've read Amber's blog about her recent Photoshop experiences, and she's inspired me to post a few of my Photoshop CS (and ImageReady)creations, but I think I'll start slowly. (Notice my new little penguin animation. I so created that a couple of weeks ago...I'm so proud of my first animation! I made the penguin and rope in Adobe Photoshop CS before taking it in to Abode Image Ready to create my animation.)
I'm not the only one in my family that is in school; yep, both Royce and Giovonnie are back in school. Summer's gone and the school year is here. Royce is now a 5th Grader, and he turned 10 yesterday! This is a major big deal to him (Thank you to all of you who called to wish him a happy birthday.) In his words, "I feel taller, today.":)
Giovonnie is now in 2nd grade, and say that he likes it better because his "teacher is nice and pretty." When I asked, "Wasn't your teacher nice last year?" he replied, "Well, actually she was a bit crabby every day, and she just wasn't as pretty."
Gannon is now almost 2 years old (ok, I'm shy by 3 months, but whatever.), and has started working on the potty training thing. We got him this cute frog potty chair from one of the local thrift stores, and he likes to sit on it sometimes. I've started this 'cause a few months ago he started tell me when he pooped, literally he would say "poop on my butt." Now he say, "I pooped, even when he pee-pees." And he has pee-peed in his potty a few times. I've never had a baby train so early.
Joe is also keeping busy, taking on a new shared leadership role with the Legion Hall, as well as continuing to lead the Webelos boyscout troop.


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