Monday, April 13, 2009

Wiley Woods

The next morning we did go back to Aunt Holly’s, and then once all the girls were gone we ate lunch then headed out to met up with the rest of the family at Wiley Woods in Wisconsin Dells.

Giovonnie aiming the ball gun at people across from him.

Ony at the end of the big purple slide.

Holly, Gannon, and Ella in a bucket under the big tree.

Giovonnie takes a ride down the blue slide.

Uncle Aaron with Gannon

Tana, Gannon, and Ella hanging like frogs on a log.
I convince the kids to gather up and let me take a picture of them while they take a snack break. From Lt to Rt: Laura Ann, Ony and Ella, Jonah, Royce, Brandon, and Marcos
Giovonnie hid around the backside, so I had to get a quick click of him behind the tail of Wiley.
Jonah hides in the basket under the tree.

You can run, but you can't hid forever. I got you Royce!

Finally after 5 hours of fun the adults called it a day, and we went our own way for dinner, but by 7pm Royce and Giovonnie had me talked into joining Aaron, his family, and Brandon and Marcos at the Public Pool. Gannon enjoyed his first dip in a swimming pool; to bad I didn't get photos of that. Then Sunday before we left we had a family dinner out at my moms, even my dad showed up to hangout with us. :)

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