Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Little on Love

As Joe went off on another Brother’s weekend last March I thought, “Why stay home? I haven’t seen my family for a while,” so off I went with Royce, Giovonnie, Gannon, and our dog Small Fry to WI to hang out with my family for the weekend. As I’ve mentioned before Royce is really into music, and so he asks, “Mom, can you turn on the radio?” I say, “Sure, Royce.” Now around here and in between there really isn’t a whole lot to choose from for style of music, so I push the scan button -- sure enough it stops on a country station. Royce says, “Leave this on mom, this is what we listen to on the bus. I’ve heard this song before.” Well to be honest I’ve heard it before to, so I start singing along trying to get Royce and Giovonnie to sing along too. “Living on Love, buying on time, without somebody nothing an’t worth a dime…” Soon the song ends, and Royce chirps quietly, “Mom, do you believe in love at first sight, ‘cause some people say that that’s true.” I contemplate my answer, thinking very hard on how I should answer this question and what possibly the reason for the question might be. Royce chimes a bit louder, “Mommm.” I reply, “I heard you, Royce, I was just thinking about it. Well, I guess some people may think it is true, but I’m not so sure… you see that’s just never happened for me like that. I think that we think we like someone, and then we get to know that person, and love could grow. Does that make sense? Anyhow, why do you ask? Is there someone you think you might be in l..o…v..e with?” Royce replies, “Maybe.” So I ask, “Who?” He replies, “You know.” “I know? How would I know there are lots of girls in you class. I don’t know.” is my reply. “Not this school,” Royce says, “my other school.” “Oh,” I say, “I do know. It’s ____________. (I won’t say the name as it might embarrass him.) He says, “and you don’t have to tell Dad either ‘cause He ALREADY KNOWS. Oh, Gees..."as he covers his face with his hands. (I think that he knows that he’s opened the door, and is regretting the conversation.)

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