Sunday, May 3, 2009

Family Night

On Friday we attempted to go see a movie for our family night, but we headed out a bit late, and found ourselves stuck at the end of a very long line which meant we would miss the beginning of the movie. After discussions we headed back home without seeing the movie, but with hopes of catching the flick on Saturday night.
This time we also planned on dinning out before the hitting the show. As we headed into the restaurant we reminded the boys of good behaviors, and really stressed to Giovonnie that there would be no temper tantrums or yelling. Giovonnie rolling his eyes said, “I know, I KNOW. Why does every one keep telling me everything all the time?” Once seated our waitress came to our table to take our drink orders, I must have missed it when Gio Gio ordered his drink and asked him what he would like. The waitress replied with a gleeful smile, “I already got his; he’s very on top of it. Gio Gio then gives her a huge charming smile. Joe then mentions how well behaved Gio Gio is being due to the cute waitress. I say, “Yep, that’s got to be it. He’s on his best behavior when there is a cute older girl to flirt with.” Giovonnie then reaches across and taps the table in front of me, and with a huge grin says, “Cute and Cuddly, Mom, Cute and Cuddly.”

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