Monday, April 20, 2009

Our Easter Weekend Pics

On Good Friday we spotted the Easter bunny at Wal-Mart. We had gone to get Royce and Giovonnie much needed haircuts, and I bribed them; that they would each get $1.00 to if they sat still. After the new haircuts I followed the boys to the toy isle of the store, and on the way there he was just sitting and waiting for children to get there picture taken. I said, "Let me get Gannon's picture with the Easter Bunny because it's his first Easter, and how 'bout you guys join him." Royce said with a shrug, "Sure, why not." Giovonnie on the other hand said, "No, no, no." I tried to set him over there by the bunny, but he wouldn't go. He responded, "I like to find the Easter bunny's eggs, NOT THE EASTER BUNNY!" I guess this Easter bunny does look a bit scary.

Royce and Gannon with the Easter Bunny.

The rest of our weekend was spent up in MN, with the Cox side of the family.
Randy and Scott playing Royce's Nerf Dart Tag game while Royce and Spencer watch.

Royce finding Easter eggs.

Giovonnie and Lexi hunting for Easter eggs.

Gannon and Small Fry Celebrating Grandma Cathy's Birthday...
and Andrew's birthday too.

Lexi did a wonderful job serenading the family.

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