Thursday, April 2, 2009

Boy Scout Day Camp

The boy scout day camp was a fun outing for the whole family. We went to a collage basketball game at Briarcliff. Afterwards we enjoyed cold greasy pizza while the basketball team signed autographs for the boy scouts. Once we were done eating pizza the boys were schooled by a couple of guys from the Briarcliff sports teams. It was a long evening, but over all Royce and Giovonnie had tons of fun, and if I say so myself Joe and I had fun too.

Royce reaches low to catch this pass while zig zaging through some orange cones.

Royce flys high to catch the pass, and land in the "end zone."

The football slips threw Giovonnie's fingers as he trys to catch the ball.

Royce shows 'em how a good push-up is done with a bit of coaching.

Giovonnie gives his all while doing sit-ups to show he can keep up with the big boys.

Royce races to the other end of the gym while dribbling the basketball.

Royce in Basketball Action.

This boy can jump!

In the long jump Royce jumped 5'10".

In the high jump Royce hit 6'6"!

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