Monday, April 13, 2009

Girl Trouble

Our first stop on our trip to WI, Mar. 09, was to Aunt Holly’s, as we were invited to Ony’s Spring Party. This was a co-ed party, but it seems that the boys in Ony’s class chickened out, so Royce was the only boy the same age/grade as Ony and her female classmates. This of course leads to that I like you; you like me 3rd grade game of girls chase the boy and push him down. This makes Royce upset, for an instant. That is until he figures out which girl it is that’s leading this game. He decides he likes her too. I find them in a face off, toe-to-toe, inching closer and closer together with squinted eyes and grimacing smirks … I brake it up by saying, “so are the two of you going to kiss right in front of me?!” They both brake way with red faces yelling, “NO, GROSS!” Later that evening we went over to Grandma Schoessow’s house, but Royce was soon asking, “Mom are we going to go back to Aunt Holly’s right after we wakeup?”

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