Friday, March 27, 2009

Mini Vacation Days

Well, as a family we have been able to take some time out of our busy lives and enjoy the world around us. Back in February, when Gannon had his surgery, we took a day to go to the Underwater Aquarium in MN, along with Grandma Cathy, Papa Royce, Uncle Randy, Aunt Kelly, and Cameron. Afterward our family had a nice lunch with with Grandma Cathy and Papa Royce.

Our Family at the Mall of America
Giovonnie watching the Alligators, one of his favorite animals.

Royce and the sea turtle.

My little treasure!

We were also able to get some SLEDDING time in that weekend with Aunt Kelly and Cameron; Uncle Randy also stopped by to after work for a moment to see us in action. I’m not much for snow, but it was some serious fun!

Joe, Cameron, and Gio getting read to go down.

Joe and Royce slid down on a sled while Gio finds it better to scoot on his bottom and roll.

Me going down hill with Royce, even I had to get it a couple of tries.

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