Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mini Water Table, or should I say tinsy little pool.

Royce took Gannon outside to play for a while yesterday afternoon. I would peek out at them from time to time, and Royce had Gannon in the baby swing of our neighbors play yard for about a half hour. Royce finally became tired of pushing Gannon in the swing, so he tried to take him out. In return Gannon would scream at the top of his lungs a piercing scream (which you could here from across the yard and into the house) and yell, "No, no, no. Royce!" At which point I opened the door and yelled out, "What's the problem? What is going on?" Royce replied, "I'm tired of pushing him, but he doesn't want to get out." I say, "Ok, I'll get him out." Then Royce lifted Gannon out to the ground, Gannon yelling in a deep gruff voice, "No, no, no, Royce!", but as soon as his little feet hit the ground he was giggling and running straight for a toy full of rain water. Royce asked, "Mom, can't he come in and have a water tub to play in like we did before?" I said, "Yes." then said to Gannon would you like to come in and play with water?" Gannon yelled, "yesh.", and ran toward me, climbed the two steps of the back porch of the house and came in the door. I dumped some toys from one plastic storage tub into another, and used the now empty one as the "water table" because we don't actually own a water table. Gannon grabbed some toys and I took two old beach towels and placed them on the floor then placed the  tub of water on top of it. I then pulled Gannon's pants off of him so that if he splashed it would be only a matter of drying up his legs rather then trying to peel wet clothes off of him. I left him playing in  the middle of the kitchen floor, and went to the other room to read emails and such on my computer. I could here him slashing and laughing. Then I heard a big splash, and thought, "Oh boy, the floor is soaked. He must have spilt half the water. Oh well." Then I hear Gannon shout, "Elp, elp! Stuck!" I get up and hurry into the kitchen, and this is what I saw...

Gannon inside the little plastic tub; shirt wet up to his chest,
all the toys on the floor , and his diaper about ready to explode .
 ... I laughed, and left him yelling, "elp, elp, Mama." to go grab the camera just for this shot. As soon as the camera was in view, he laughed and smiled for me. Then I helped him out of the tiny so way to small for him tub, got him a towel, dried him off and redressed. When I helped him out of the tub I ask, "Gannon, why did you get into the water?" Gannon replied, "Sim. (Swim)" 

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