Friday, October 1, 2010

Feeling Crafty - Multimedia Children's Wall Art

Here is the almost done stage,
only the fabric and sharpie pen out line.
 From the moment finished the bookmarks I made the other day I've had the crafting bug. I spied some children's wall art at Pinkapotamus' Etsy Shop that gave me just the right motivation to create a piece of my own art work, which I wanted to create in fabric. I grabbed the 12x16 pre-primed canvas that I had stored next to my art table, and my Mod Podge, and got some more fabric scarps from the box in my basement. Then set to work in the living room on my coffee table, so that I could be where Gannon was playing and keep and eye on him, instead of at my art table like I should have been. Anyhow after copying and cutting out a pattern for a quilt out of a book I picked up at a garage sale, called In the Nursery by J. Sampou & C. Schmitz, I traced and then cut out my fabric pieces, assembled them and Mod Podged them into place. After the Mod Podge dried I took a sharpie and traced around some of the edges. I wasn't quite done with it when the boys came home from school, and Royce told me that he liked it right away. Then he ask,"Who's it for?" I said, "I don't know." He said, "Well the dog's name should be Zippy." I replied, "That's a cute name. Thanks Royce."  Gannon took his turn looking at it too, and ran away with to our front entry/ office room. He kept saying, "Dog, dog. Woof, woof, woof." Then I said, "Yes, that is a dog; dog's say woof, woof, but what is the dog's name? You're Gannon. What is the dog's name?" He replied, "Cat." I said, "No, not cat. What is it? He replied, "Dog, woof woof." I said, "Yes, so what is the dog's name?" He replied laughing, "Cat." (Lol, so young and already teases his mommy.) Of course this is coming from a boy who named a blue striped bunny Eyes. I thought it should be Blue Bunny like the ice cream, but he insisted it's name was Eyes.

Royce singing, "His name is Zippy, Zippy the dog."
like the song from the cartoons Kipper the Dog.
Gannon pointing at it's ear saying, "ear."

 Anyhow, after the boys were put to bed I finished the wall art with a little white acrylic paint to make clouds.

After adding clouds.

But I liked it better upside down.
Tell me what you think. Do you like Zippy better upside down or right side up?


  1. I do prefer upside down. He's really cute either way, but upside down is more whimsical...or something like that!

  2. Upside down is cute!! He would be Different! LOL!!

    p.s Thanks for the advice on my blog I changed the colors you can now read I hope!!



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