Thursday, September 9, 2010

Singing Solo

Every night I sing a little song to each one of my boys as I tuck them into bed, and each has their own song with a theme of “I love you”, and Joe usually whistles whichever tune the boys pick out usually Mario Bros theme song or one of the songs from Star Wars. Joe and I aren’t the only singers in this household; I’ve often heard Royce singing songs that he had made up (he even wrote a couple of them down), I’ve also heard Giovonnie signing and humming to himself from time as well, and this morning Gannon started singing too.

As I was driving the boys to school this morning when Gannon started signing nonsense words at first like “dodode, lala, haha” in the tune of the alphabet song, and then clearly, “I love Dada” “Nigh, nigh, nigh” “Royce nigh” “Giovonnie, Small Fry.” When he stopped Royce started laughing and said, “He closed his eyes, and is pretending to sleep.” Gannon opened his eyes, let out a giggle, and started to sing again. Royce joined in singing the alphabet song, but Gannon stopped him by yelled out, “NO! Stop it! Royce!” Royce stopped singing and then Gannon happily started singing again. Apparently, he felt it was necessary to do a solo.

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