Monday, September 27, 2010

Here Come's The Fall

Ahhh, it's fall again. I love the fall; it’s my most favorite time of year. The leaves change colors, and then fall spinning and fluttering about until they hit the ground, or if the wind picks up blowing around the corner of a building just right they will spin in a tiny twister which can be stepped into so that the colorful leaves of reds, oranges, and yellows float gently around you. My two favorite holidays are also in the fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Halloween always means family, fun, treats, and my brother's birthday. Ok, so unless I'm back in Wisconsin I can't attend the tradition of the Family Birthday Party; however, when I lived at home this was one of the delights of Halloween. However, I still savor those moments from childhood, and try to make the holiday special for my kids too by making their costumes of their choice, and doing family trick-or-treating. I also love Thanksgiving, which means family and friend to me, on pressures of gift buying, just hanging out with the people I care about, and eating tasty food. Anyhow, just for fun, I created a digital illustration, Hector Bat, to share with those of you who would like it to decorate your blog with, or whatever. Go ahead and click the image then copy the HTML code from my Photobucket album and paste it in your HTML gadget box.

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  1. I love Fall too! If it would just GET HERE ALREADY!
    It's only 109 here today - very, very unusual here in So Cal but . . . what can you do?
    Well, welcome to the Bloggerette Sorority. You'll meet lots of nice gals! Just go visit!
    I'm leaving to go out of town for a week - stop by and say hello again when I get back!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Karen ~ Some days are diamonds



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