Wednesday, September 29, 2010

No-Sew Fabric Bookmarks

The finish product. I made these two for my
 son's Royce and Giovonnie.

I've been reading quite a bit lately, and found myself using scraps of paper, or old receipts to mark my page when ever I'd set down my book. (Like Me, I'm sure many of you do the same.) It was bugging me so much that I started thinking about buying a book mark, then I thought why don't I just make one - I have card stock and other scrappy supplies; oooo better yet, I have all those scraps of fabric I should do something with. Yes, I chose fabric because I thought it would be thin, flexible, and Gannon couldn't rip it to bits and pieces, or ruin it if it got wet from him swiping it out of my book while my back was turned only to plop it into his mouth like a lollipop for a taste, or to chew on. I then went down in the basement and grabbed the box of fabric then after riffling through the numerous pieces I found a few long pieces that I thought I could work with. I also found a large roll of No Sew Heat Bond, so I grabbed that too.
These are super simple to make, all you need is some long pieces of scrap fabric (mine were about 15in long and about 3in wide), a can of regular starch, a iron and iron board, and No Sew Heat Bond, and Iron-On embellishments.

1. Iron the fabric using a medium heat, or a heat setting according to your fabric (you don't have to worry about washing it first unless you plan to wash them in the future)

2. lightly spray it with regular starch to help stiffen the fabric up a bit (follow starching directions on the can), do this on both sides

 3. Fold the edges in on all sides and iron them flat, fold in half and iron a crease, unfold

 4. Cut a piece of No Sew Heat Bond to half the size of the fabric and place it paper side up, iron for 2 seconds at medium dry heat (no steam)
 5. After it cools peal back the paper, the glue should be stuck to the fabric
 6. Place the sides together evenly, flip it so that the glued side is closes to the iron

 7. Iron at a medium heat for 10 seconds.

I found it a bit plain, so I ironed on an Iron-on embellishment that I bought a while back for scrapbooking.
  8. Use an iron on embellishment (follow the embellishment directions)

Gannon checking out mommy's project.

He chose the cow and said, "Cow. Moo, moo, moo. Mama."
I said, "Yes, Gannon, a Cow. The Cow says, "Moo, moo, moo."

I made 5 of them today. One for Royce, one for Giovonnie,
one for myself, and two extra.
When Royce came home from school I called him over and said, "I made you something today. Here, they are bookmarks; pick one." Royce replied, "Awe, thanks mom." He picked the one with the dog, which I intended for him. Then Royce said, "Hey, Mom, can I give one to my friend?" I said, "Sure, which friend?"as he picked the purple poke-a-dotted one with the three daisies on it. With a goofy smile he replied, "You know Mom, Mattie." I said, "Oh, trying to earn some points with her?" He replied, "I have my ways." flashing a charming little smile that reminded me of his dad. Later Giovonnie came in from playing outside I asked him if he would like one of the bookmarks, and he replied, "Oh, yeah sure. Ya know, Mom, I am reading more 'cause we hav'ta read those 15 books for class to get a free pizza." I said, "I know, that's why I made ya one." He replied, "Oh, thanks." Then he chose the cow bookmark. I was glad that my boys liked them.


  1. These are awesome! My little girl would love them! Thank you visiting my blog, and thank you so much for Hector the Bat! I love him! :)

  2. Very cute idea! we were fetured on life in blogs! and im the same when you said you was jumping up and down because i was doing the same thing!!! ;) cool blog i like it! i would like to kno how u made a button!?

  3. What a great idea we just made my grandma a few paper bookmarks for her birthday I wish i would have seen this yesterday! visiting from raising olives!

  4. This will make a great present for the kids to help make and give Grandpa! Thanks



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