Thursday, November 11, 2010

To My Husband ~ on Veterans Day

It almost seems like ages ago, when we first started dating and you went off to basic training, and then AIT. I remember the first time  I went to visit you at some church Christmas service after you went to basic, and I thought I'd never find you in that sea of green. Later, when you were in AIT, I'd come to see you on weekends, and you'd sneak off base. Or how 'bout when you had to do Iron Mikes all the way to the mess hall with one of your buddies when we got back to late from one of your leave times. After we were married, I can easily recall you getting up at the butt crack of dawn to shave and dress in your BDUs for drills on weekends, and you'd go for you two weeks in the summers. And even with all that I never really expected you to go off to war. I didn't truly believe it when you were on the phone with your unit as we were in the delivery room, me giving birth to Giovonnie. Holding a two week old baby while you said good bye set in a reality that you were going; I was thankful when you only served state side, and then came home. I think it prepared us for that time when you would serve over seas. I was sad to see you leave, yet proud you were willing to follow your heart to willing serve your country.  

We (Royce, Giovonnie, and I) missed you dearly, and when Christmas came around I was proud that Royce Lee thought of you and asked to hang you ID tags you gave him on our Christmas tree.

Dec. 2005

Joe and some battle buddies.

When you came home we were glad!

Home Coming Dec. 2006

Our lives were changed, and we found that we had to make some adjustments (and find in some ways  we still are).

It seems strange to think of you and some of our friends as veterans; it's almost as if you are all too young. When I hear the term veteran I often think of men who are our parents ages, or grandparents, and I have to remind myself that you are a veteran as well.

"Thank You for serving."


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  2. Diddo, on everything you wrote. Your husband and all the other young men and women, are amazing for all they do for our country.

    I have many friends who have served and are still serving.

    Thanks for sharing this history with us:)

    Also I followed you girl, when I visited your blog the other day, Im the BLUE girl, lol.

    Thanks for linking up to my party!!!

    Bella :)



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