Tuesday, November 30, 2010

If Bird Feeders are to Feed the Birds then...

On our way home from celebrating Thanksgiving with my family in Portage, we made our way to see some good friends of our Jody and Chong in Baraboo. Last minute circumstances landed us spending the night at their home, and then heading out in the morning to my father-in-law's farm. I followed Joe along the back roads between Baraboo, and Reedsburg where along the way I spotted some old school Schoessow Feeder Wagons. (The ones with the press wood panels and that have Schoessow written across the side in white instead of S.I. Feeders.) Feeling the nostalgia of my childhood days I point and call out to the boys, "There's some Schoessow Feeders" Giovonnie asks, "What's a Schoessow Feeder?" I shoot a quizzical look over my shoulder at him, and say, "Those green wagons out there; that Grandpa and his brother’s business builds for farmers to put hay in for their animals..." Giovonnie responds with a giggle, "Oh, I thought they were to feed all the Schoessows!”


  1. Hello!

    I am so excited that you got your fling bins.. I was worried they did not get my email or something crazy like that.... They where going to send you the halloween but I told them you would rather have the christmas bin instead!!

    Have a safe holiday let me know how they work for you!



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