Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Est Ba-a-daee Ev-er."

Nov. 5, 2010 was my baby boy, Gannon's 2nd birthday! We spent the day watching his newly favorite show Go Diego Go on Netflix instant play and mommy baking a birthday cake and finishing his blanket that I was making for him while the big brothers were in school. Daddy came home from work sick (poor Daddy). I almost thought something was horribly wrong when he called saying he was on his way home, which he hasn't done in the 3 years he's worked there. He laughed and said he should have played it like he got fired, or something. Once we all were home the pizza was ordered and we held our party in the living room watching a movie on TV while we ate. Then it was time to open presents (because we were all to full for cake and ice cream).

Gannon would say, "Rip, rip, rip." while opening his gifts.

Daddy was the box opener when Gannon couldn't get the toys
out of the box. Gannon would hold the box out toward Daddy
saying, "It's stuck, stuck! Hurry, help, Daddy."

Happy to get his birthday gifts.

Birthday Cake Time

Ok, so the cake was suppose to be Diego, but I didn't do such a
great job. However, Gannon knew it who it was, and wouldn't
blow out his candle.

I also gave it a strawberry preserve filling,which was yummy on a white cake
with homemade butter cream frosting,
Eating cake.

Skip the fork, fingers are faster.

Royce put Gannon's blanket I made on his
bed then we took Gannon to go see it. In a mild voice
Gannon said, "its the est ba-a-daee ev-er."...
(Its the best birthday ever.
Something he's heard his brothers say)
...then he hugged his new Diego blanket.


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I haven't received the book yet but I will let you know as soon as I do! Adorable Diego, btw!




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