Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Family Update - Part 2

OK so Gannon’s not the only one with things going on, so now for the rest of us:

The boys have adjusted well in there new school, we had them transfer this year from the Christian school to the Public school due to Gannon being born and the cost of the Christian school.
Giovonnie got along fine right away, as all the kids in his class are new to full time school being its kindergarten. He has 3 friends, Ryer (his best buddy), Kody, and Jonathan (whom he walks home from the busses with everyday). He liked a cute little girl too for about a week her name is Cloe. She had red curly shoulder length hair, a bright smile of crooked teeth, and freckles across her nose; too cute. He said, “I don’t like her anymore because I started to be friend with her, but the she got BOSSY (hands waving around and head wiggling from side to side), so I broke her up, and she kicked my leg, so I stomped her foot! See my leg mom pulling up his pant leg to reveal nothing but a white leg.” How much of this is true is unknown, but we often hear stories from our storyteller. One story was that he beat up a big huge older bully of Ryer’s, “…, and I threw him right into the snow bank at recess.” (Much more exaggerated and with more description from Giovonnie). This did not happen, Joe and I asked if Giovonnie was fighting on the playground when we went to the parent teacher conferences; we thought not because we hadn’t received any calls or notes home from the school, but we checked anyway. This year was also the first year Giovonnie had invited friends over for his birthday party, Ryer (couldn’t make it), but Kody and Jonathan came, and we also had Lexi, Spencer, and Andrew (a few of the Cox cousins) over for the big event. He knew just what he wanted and told me weeks in advance; taco’s from Taco Johns, and a dinosaur cake.

Giovonnie and his dinosaur b-day cake.

He’s a birthday monster now and has told me his plans for his 7th, 8th, and 9th birthdays. We’ll see if there are any changes when the time comes.

As for Royce changing schools was hard for him. He really misses his old friends, especially Darion, and wish he was still going to HCS. He has made a few new friends Jordan, Jonah, and Zack, but he doesn’t talk about them very much. I know that one is Ryer’s brother and the one of the other friends is Kody’s brother. Royce still struggles with school and is very adamant about HATEING it. He is a bit younger then the rest of the class, he turned 8 going in to 3rd grade when many of the students are turning 9 this year he won’t until school starts again. Teachers continually, comment on his level of maturity (like how quickly he gets his work out, and if he is concentration on his work or not); however as of last report card his lowest grade was a C. Royce is excellent at what ever he really puts his mind to though. He has finished computer game after computer game. He had TMNT game done the same weekend that Joe bought it for him. He has also come to love music and even made up his own songs like Rat Rap and Motorcycle. He says that he can just hear music in his head, so he starts humming the songs to himself at school because of this some kids at school said he was weird. I've tried to encourge him. I've also talked to Joe about buying a guitar for Royce's birthday, and hope to get him lessons. This season we gave Royce a choice if he wanted to try wrestling again or if he would like to join Boy Scouts, he chose Scouts and seems to like it a lot. We even attended one event as a family, which is worth its own post.

Royce holding his "big" little brother Giovonnie at the Boy Scout event.

I guess that brings me to Joe and me who really there’s not much to blab about. Joe still works as a programmer, and I work at the Village part time (mostly on the weekend once or twice a month, to get out of the house). Besides work Joe’s been keeping busy with Legion hall meetings, and being a Boy Scout leader. As for myself I’m doing mom stuff such as keeping track of everyone’s schedules of who needs to be where and when, and taking Gannon to his dr. appointments. I've also have joined a bible study with my sister-in-law Melissa. I’ve been kinda disappointed because I’ve missed the last 3 weeks because of sick children. Hopefully, I'll get to next Monday's meeting.

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