Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Q:What do you get when you cross Swagbucks + $5.00 Amazon Gift Cards?

A:Christmas Gifts for FREE!

I've become a Swag buck person only collecting from searches (which I do a lot of for my online classes and writing the many many papers) and hit and miss daily polls, and it has seemed to pay off. After receiving 450 swag bucks I ordered an Amazon gift card, as I already have an Amazon account because of my love for cheap books. After a short time, I received my gift card code, and hopped over to Amazon to see what I could find. I searched the toys and adjusted it to read from lowest price to highest priced items, and was surely surprised when things came up at $0.01. I took some time looking through the many items/ gaming cards and I came across a New Melissa and Doug Smoulder the Dragon Puppet. Once I clicked on it and found that shipping was only $4.99, I knew I could not pass up a great deal. Anyone who knows anything about Melissa and Doug toys knows that they are good quality educational toys that are not cheap. I snagged up that Dragon with my gift card I earned off of Swag bucks, and here is what my order receipt showed!(the red words below, which I copied from my actual receipt from Amazon)

Items Ordered Price

1 of: Melissa & Doug Smoulder the Dragon Puppet [Toy]

Condition: New

Sold by: tamikawat (seller profile)



Item(s) Subtotal: $0.01

Shipping & Handling: $4.99


Total Before Tax: $5.00

Sales Tax: $0.00

Gift Certificate/Card Amount: $5.00


Total for This Shipment: $0.00

Total paid by Gift Certificate/Card: $5.00


Did you see that amount for Total for This Shipment of $0.00! Well, I received that package in the mail today, and here is what it looks like still in its plastic packaging (He is a gift for one of my children, so please don't say anything to them. Thanks).  Isn't he cute!


Anyhow, my point being is that this is such a great deal for a little bit of time and searching without the hassle of being spammed about it, so if you’re not a Swagger yet click on the Swagbucks link at the side of my page and go sign up; You never know you just may find a great deal like I did. 

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