Thursday, June 4, 2009

Memorial Day Honor

This past Memorial Day the Hull Cub Scouts were able to participate in the Flag Ceremony to Honor those who have died while serving our country. As Family members of a Veteran this may have had more resonance within our lives; being overwhelmed with pride and gratefulness to those that serve and have lost their lives by doing so, as well as sadness for the families that have experienced such a lost. (It’s a mix of emotions that is hard to share with words.) It was a real honor that our son, Royce, assisted with the raising of the flag.

Troop 215 marching together.

Zach and Royce (Cub Scouts) and two older boys from Cadets raising the flag.

Cub Scouts Zach and Royce along with the Veteran in the background salute the flag as it is risen.

Cub Scouts stand and salute at the Veterans procession.

the Veterans procession

At the end of the ceremony the Cub Scouts fall in to march behind the Veterans.

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