Monday, June 15, 2009

Dr. Suess You remind me.... "Oh the Thinks you can think!"

Giovonnie is always thinking, saying, and story telling. This is part of what makes his character strong, laughable, and lovable. These are the moments that often make me question are we doing our children right with our parenting, and other times confirming that we must be doing at least a few things right. Here are some of those encounters that Joe and I have had this week with our dear son, Giovonnie.

There was one warm day and Royce and Giovonnie talked me into setting up the slip and slide. I quickly put it out back, which attracted a few of the neighbor kids for about an hour. Then the boys complained that it wasn't working right. Royce informed me that it needed to be more on a hill. Just about that time Joe came home, and fixed the situation by pulling it around to the front yard which slants toward the street. The boys slid on it a couple more times before coming in for dinner. Small Fry was let out in the front yard where she ran across it. Later we noticed from the window that the bottom which is usually filled with water was now deflated. Giovonnie went out after dinner, and returned to me.

Giovonnie: "Mom, there is a hole."

Me: "What?" "A hole, where?"

Giovonnie: placing his hands out at his side palms upward, "In the slip and side, duh." Then pointing his finger at me states, "That is it. You have to teach her (Small Fry) to be more like you mom."

Me: "How's that?"

Giovonnie: placing his hands on his hips, “Like a Human!"

Another evening while having dinner Giovonnie grabs a packet of Mild sauce out of a cup in the refrigerator that was collected from Taco Johns at one time thinking that he would like it on his food. Joe tells Giovonnie, that the food is already spicy and he should try it before putting the mild sauce on it. Giovonnie sits down in his seat, and takes a huge bite of his dinner. Swallows, and says, "I know I know, it's already burning I tell ya." pointing at his tongue quick, "burning!"

On Friday, Royce and Giovonnie squished next to Joe at the computer that the boys use while Joe played a game online while I sat across the room at my own computer. I hear Giovonnie say, "Get'em Dad, Get'em. Just stand there and kick their butts 'cause they're wusses."

Saturday Joe is out doing yard work and tending to the garden, when Giovonnie goes outside to work with dad. When they finished Joe grabbed two freezes from the freezer in the garage, opened them and handed one to Giovonnie. While sitting on the porch eating their freezes Giovonnie leans over on Joe's shoulder and states, "Ahhh, this is the good life, Dad."

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