Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gannon's Going On's

June 9th, we had an another appointment at the Pediatrics ENT clinic with Gannon to get his ears tested and speak with Dr. Sigman again. As Royce and Giovonnie were out of school for the summer they had to go with us because of daycare conflicts. They were quite disappointed to know that we were only going to see Nama Cathy for a few minutes before we went to Gannon's appointment, and that they wouldn't see Uncle Kevin, Aunt Mindy, Uncle Randy and Aunt Kelly, and worst of all they would not get to see their cousin Cameron even though I explained to them it had to be a quick trip because they needed to be back for swimming lessons, and summer school. I probably shouldn't have told them that because then I heard from Royce, "That Stinks, Mom!" and an echo from Giovonnie, "Yeah, that stinks, Mom!" Oh well. Back to the subject. Gannon's appointment went great. First we went in for Gannon's ear check. Again the put a wire with an ear piece that was attached to some type of computer in his ears. The right ear showed that his tube was clear and the the eardrum was working, the left ear showed that the tube was missing, blocked or out of place, but that his eardrum was still working. At this point we were put into the sound booth and Gannon did so well responding to all the sounds and different pitches. The ear tech said that she was surprised that toward the end he started to anticipate where the next sound and look box would be being he was just on the brink of being old enough to use the sound box. Next we were shuffled down the hall to wait in one of those small patient rooms for Dr. Sigman. He took a look at both Gannon's ears as stated that they looked well. (I have to thank those of you who have sent up prayers on Gannon's behalf, since the last time I blogged Oowey Gooey Ears on 4/28/09 Gannon's ears have been completely clear; so "Thank you for your prayers.") Dr. Sigman also took a look at Gannon's Cleft again. At this point Dr. Sigman feels that the cleft is very small, and is not even going to worry about having arm braces ordered (arm braces are put over the elbows so that the child can not bend their arm to put fingers, or other object in the mouth that may cause them to damage the repair.) he said that even if Gannon would put his fingers in his mouth the repair is so far back that he doubts he would damage it, also this means that we do not have to have Gannon drinking out of a regular cup, but any sippy cup is fine.:) The best news is that he believe that we'll only have a 1 - 1 1/2 day stay in the hospital as long as Gannon starts drinking right away (we still are set for 3 days, just in case). We then scheduled Gannon's palette repair surgery for Sept. 11, 09 @ 6:00am. This was the only opening they had in Sept. so I took it. In someways if all goes well, this is a great date to have the surgery on because Joe leaves with his brothers from MN that following Monday for the Boundary Waters. The down side to this is that I will be traveling home on my own with 3 boys while Gannon's is still recovering from his surgery in order to get Royce and Giovonnie back for school; as well as a week of parenting alone without contact to my husband.

Gannon has also found FREEDOM. He knows that he can roll in order to get where he wants; he won't even try to crawl. He now loves being on the floor, but is into everything. He favorite things to play with are the controllers for the TV game counsels and the cords, and any paper he can get his hands and mouth on. Paper makes a great crinkling and ripping sound; it must feel wonderful in his hands. I think the taste must not be to bad either because many times it's up to his mouth for a moment before he tears it to pieces.

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