Friday, February 25, 2011

Swag Bucks for Me, Swag Bucks for You!

Search & Win
I know I posted once before, but I wanted to share again because I really like swag bucks. All you need to do to earn points is to sign up, then start searching. As you search you can earn swag bucks, you can also earn them other ways like by finding codes that are posted, taking a daily poll, or many other ways. I've been using swag bucks for a while now, and find it easy to use, so far I've redeemed 9 prizes, mostly $5.00 Amazon gift card codes.

Prizes that I've Received:
From Swag Bucks:

One MP3 Download Johnny Cash Greatest Hits the song Ring of Fire

One $5.00 Me! bath Gift Card Code:

Seven Amazon $5 Gift Card Codes

What I purchased with Amazon Gift Card Codes (each item was new in the package, which even with shipping ended up being free for me):

One Clip on LED Book light with Button Cell
Clip on LED Booklight with Button Cell
One Nintendo DS Game Prince of Persia: The Fallen King (Rated E)

Prince of Persia: The Fallen King

One Set of Grafix Medium Weight 6-Inch-by-6-Inch Chipboard-Sheets, White 25-Pack (for scrap booking)

Grafix Medium Weight 6-Inch-by-6-Inch Chipboard-Sheets, White 25-Pack
One KooKeys Lion (It's much like Webz Kinz)

KooKeys Lion
One Melissa & Doug Smoulder the Dragon Puppet

Melissa & Doug Smoulder the Dragon Puppet 
The other two gift codes I haven't used yet because I'm trying to save up for a bigger purchase, Amazon allows their gift codes to be combined.

 Another great way to earn swag bucks is to refer other people, which is a good deal for me, but will also benefit those who sign up because it doesn't cost you anything but a little of your time while you use the search engine to do some searches, which you may regularly do anyway on other search engines. Check it out, and sign up, and then if you don't like it just stop using it, but I'm thinking you will. Just click on the button below to start EARNING FREE PRIZES.

Search & Win

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