Thursday, February 10, 2011

Protect Your Privacy ~ I found you on Spokeo!

I was off in blog land today, when I spotted something that was a bit bothersome over at Diddle Daddle (one of the blogs I follow). I know that my husband had shown me this site once before, but I guess I thought he took care of it. However, when I went to check it out for myself sure enough I found myself, along with a number of other people listed as Tana Cox (who know the name would be so popular!). I did kinda expect to find myself out there because I do blog, Facebook, and shop a bit on the web. Anyhow, for those of you who don’t know about it your information maybe on there too. Check it out yourself, and if it bothers you that your name, your email address, and your home address (with a map, so anyone could find you), and that people could pay under $3.00 to get more info about you; you may want to have your listing removed. I did by going to the site and typing in my first and last name, then I did my maiden name too. I was removed with in 30 minutes. 
Here is where you need to go to look yourself up:

This is the link that’ll give you the directions of taking your info off the site:

Here is the site that allows you to request your information to be removed.

Then click on topic > privacy. Finish up by following the directions

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