Monday, December 20, 2010

Ooohh, Christmas Tree!

Like many of you we to have been getting ready for Christmas. At the beginning of this month we started our celebrations by going to two different Christmas Programs one for Giovonnie, the K-4th grade program, and one for Royce, the 5th & 6th grade program. We also decorate the house some, but I found with children that are 2 years old keeping them away from all “the pretties” is not worth the work, so our decorations extend to a wreath on the outside front door, the children’s stockings and the tree.

Giovonnie did so well at his program; he was very animated with the actions through each song. You could see that he knew the words and actions, and that he was proud that we were all there to watch him. We were proud of him too!

Giovonnie is there, between the two girls wearing the blue shirt.


The girl looking at Giovonnie; her name is Cloe.

Royce’s was the following week, and unfortunately, Gannon wasn’t feeling well. That whole day Gannon was whinny and clinging to me, he also had a bit of a fever. Once Royce came home, he was so excited about his program that night, and really wanted his Dad to meet his friend Cameron. However, once Joe came home we discussed that Gannon was really too sick to go and someone would have to stay home with him. Joe said that he didn’t mind staying home with him because I had been home with him all day, and I didn’t mind the break. Although Royce, said he understood it really devastated him that Daddy and Gannon wouldn’t be going to the program. I was proud that he held himself together up on stage, but you could see that he was very bummed out about the situation.

Royce is standing in the green and blue stripped shirt,
between the boy who looks like he's the kid from the movie
A Christmas Story, and the girl with the cowboy hat on.

Wait... do you see it? There's a smile on Royce's face.

Here we are home and the boys are having marshmallows dipped in
peanut butter, and M&M's.

Later that week, I remembered that after Christmas I had tossed our fake tree because the stand broke on it, and after super gluing it, hot gluing it, and then duct taping it I was done with it and tossed it. I worked on finding a used tree, and was able to purchase one. It was a nice fake 6’ tree for $7.00! I brought it home and we set it up that evening and started decorating it. With all the boys doing all the decorating of the tree most of the ornaments were placed to the front side of the tree, which made it bend forward a bit. Joe, decided that he was done with the stands breaking on the tree too, (Yep the one we had two years before the plastic stand on it too, so we are on tree number 3.) so he tied a string around the middle and attached it to the wall with a couple of Hercules Hooks for support, but then the top was still tilling forward a bit. Joe playing Hercules himself was going to bend it back and straighten it out a little, only this didn’t go as planned, and the tree snapped right in two (lol)! We patched this tree up with some duct tape and moving the string up this tree will serve its purpose this year.


SNAP! goes the tree.
All fixed.


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