Friday, December 3, 2010

Book Review: God Gave Us So Much

The hard cover book God Gave Us So Much, by Lisa Tawn Bergren, is a Three-part Treasury holding within it three separate stories; God Gave Us the World, God Gave Us Love, and God Gave Us Heaven. These three stories teach child friendly lessons with the family of polar bears on diversity which make us special, to love one another and show kindness, and that God made Heaven for us because he loves us. This is a beautifully written children’s book is matched with its adorable illustrations of polar bears by Laura J. Bryant, and an attached silky ribbon bookmark .

I was thrilled to receive this book in the mail, and sat down with my boys to read the book, my 2 year old, Gannon, enjoyed looking at the delightfully colored illustrations and pointed out bears, penguins, and fish as he sat on my lap while I read. Giovonnie, my 7 year old, sat listening to the first story, while asking Gannon to be quite because he was trying to listen. After I read the first story from the book, Royce, my 10 year old, asked if he could read it to Gannon and Giovonnie. I was impressed that they all seemed to enjoy the book.

*Disclaimer: Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes.


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