Thursday, January 28, 2010

Little Funnies

Oh, the CaR KeYs!!!
If you remember my key story from a year ago (yep, the toilet one) well I just have key issues, today I lost the key. Yep, Me (as Tanya S. could attest to, I was on the phone with her as I was searching the house for it... swore I put them on the end table in the living room, only to believe that Gannon (14mo old) must have taken it, so I call Joe to get the spare key, which he has hidden from me for this sort of reason, in order to move the car from the street back into the driveway so that I wouldn’t get a ticket for parking in the street. When Joe came home in the evening I still hadn’t found that key. We get the boys off to bed, and begin searching. Joe says,” You do have 'blond' moments, are you sure." "I'm pretty sure," I state out loud, and under my breath say, "but I don't know. Awe, Crap!” Then Joe digs all the stuff out of my coat pocket, which happens to be stuffed full, and "Ugh," I did it. I put them in a coat I didn't even wear when I went outside, "CRAP!" Ok so it's in writing...Joe was right… "CRAP!"

When do Girls have Cooties?
On one of those days that school was called off last week I took the boys with me to the store. As we're driving in the car the boys and I were talking and Royce asked some questions that I answered, which these kind a questions get the parents mind turning - questions about girls - Yikes! I then tease a bit saying to Royce, "I thought you told dad you didn't like girls?" I look in the rearview mirror to see Royce with a crooked grin, "Well, I do. It's just that Dad makes fun to much." I say, "So, who do you like?" He replies, "None of your business!" I say with a gasp,” What?! I'm your mother!" He says, "You'll just tell dad, and he'll tease on me." I say, "Oh, I already know." Royce nudges the back of my car seat with his foot, and states, "You better not tell Dad either." I smile, "Yes, I'll tell dad...Oh you know I'm so telling Dad."

Manly Boys
The other day I'm rocking Gannon in our blue rocking/recliner chair watching the tube when the boys get home from school. Royce comes in and says, "Hey, I don't have any homework can I play Wii." I say, "After the Cars movie is over that Gan is watching. Royce is like, "K." and leaves the living room. A short time later he returns and kneels next to the side of the rocking chair. He says, "Hey, mom..." I reply, "Hey, what?" Royce says, "Look at me." I look over at him and he continues as he rubs his upper lip under his nose, “I’m getting a mustache. Feel it, right here, little hairs...maybe next year you'll see it better." I say, "do I havta feel it." He grins, "Yep." I honor him and touch his upper lip, nod my head and say, "Op, yep, sure enough."

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  1. I LOVE the mustache story... too cute!
    BTW I almost used this background!! I really like it.



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