Thursday, January 7, 2010

Holidays 2009

Ok, well I guess I'm always late, but here are some pics of the family over Christmas break.

Christmas Break Begins:

Gannon is Mama's big helper when unloading the dishwasher.

Hooray we rolled the dice playing Yatzee on family night.

Time out is no fun! (Actually Gannon put himself there)

Gannon's favorite place to sit.

Christmas Eve Morning:

Christmas Eve Morning Royce and Giovonnie opening their Christmas stockings.

Gannon gives his moose in his stocking a hug.

Daddy comes home from work and it's Gift Time:

Giovonnie hate his first gift of cloths, and tosses them in tears. (No more gifts for him...)

Gannon's getting this wraping paper ripping thing.

Gannon likes his maracas; shake, shake, shake.

Royce doesn't mind that he got cloths, but they were on his Christmas list.

Giovonnie changes his mind; cloths aren't so bad. "I'm sorry. Can I get more gifts now."

(Giving the Gift of Understanding..."Sure.")

Giovonnie likes his other gifts better.

Pokemon cards for Royce. Later when putting them into his book he said,

"This make's me feel much older mom."

Gannon and Daddy work on unwrapping another gift after Gannon put on his new christmas pjs.

"Whoa, it's just what I wanted!" Giovonnie gasps.

Royce: "What for real a DS Lite!"

Mom: Well it's coming soon."

Royce: "Awesome!"

Gannon shakeing is maracas again.

Gannon putting the puzzles he got together.

Royce helping Giovonnie put together his Dino castle.

Who needs toys when you got a big box to crawl and play in?

Royce and Giovonnie playing with the Dino castle after Mom put it together.

Christmas Day - At the Other Cox's house:

Joe and Andrew sledding down the hill at Scott and Melissa's house.

(Yep, a little hill right in the yard of Uncle Scotts house. Royce is back to begging for a sled.)

Royce and Spencer digging in the snow.

Andrew sledding down the hill with his dad, Scott.

Giovonnie burring Lexi in the snow bank.

Scott and Joe play a board game.

Nama Cathy and Papa Royce playing with Gannon.

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