Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We Had a Flipp'n Good Time!


Giovonnie's birthday was yesterday (Feb. 28th), and we had a great time. I think it was  extra special for him because they are also doing a fun week at school to celebrate Dr. Seuss, and it was inside out/ backwards day (just to explain the clothing). When he came home from school he said he had a great day, and he even had extra treats to bring home. He watched as I created little penguins with premade fondant that I rolled and shaped into the little guys then piped on white frosting. ( The fondant was a small premade package by Wilton that I picked up at our local Wal-Mart.) Once I was finished I asked Giovonnie if he'd like to put his penguins in there habitat; so he placed them all where he thought they should go. Then laughed at them swimming and diving into the water.
Giovonnie's Birthday Cake, with fondant penguins!
Thanks for the fun idea from Fowl Single File.

After we finished decorating the cake, Giovonnie and I started preparing his birthday dinner of Chili, and cinnamon rolls. I love that he enjoys cooking and baking because it gives us some one-on-one time. Once dad came home from work it was dinner time (supper time, to some of you). When we all finished eating we said we were to full for cake, so Giovonnie wanted to go play computer games with Dad (Joe) and Royce, but the rest of us chanted, "Presents, Presents, Presents...until Giovonnie said, "Ok, I'll open my presents."

Giovonnie opened his gifts and got a couple of  How to Train You Dragon toys,

so he had to try one out. (Neat little science experiment).

I also had to give him that Dragon Puppet that I got from Swag Bucks and Amazon.Com.
I meant to give it to him at Christmas, but with the abundance of other gifts
 I decided to hold it for his Birthday.

I'm glad I did because he loved it.
 After Presents Giovonnie, Royce and Joe went off to play a computer game.
 (Joe has a  mini-network set up.) Then before bed time it was cake and ice cream time.

Singing Happy Birthday

....and relight again,

blowing out the candle for the 4th time, or 5th, or 8th. ; )

Ice Cream and Cake.

A little penguin birthday dance.

Happy Birthday, Giovonnie. I hope all your
birthday wishes come true.

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  1. The penguins turned out so cute! It looks like your son loved it - and who wouldn't! I hope all of his birthday wishes come true, too.



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