Friday, March 4, 2011

Thinking of a Playful Spring

With spring just around the corner I started thinking of going out doors more, and taking the boy to the park, or just going outback at home to play. We have a nice backyard area that the boys can play in, which extends into the next-door neighbor’s yard where there are some nice backyard swing sets that my children have enjoy playing on since we moved here. 

This is a photo of the neighbors  play yard. About a yard behind
the logs is where our yard meets the neighbors yard.
The first day we moved in the neighbor lady (who ran an in-home daycare) made a point to come over and invite the children to come play whenever they would like. We took her up on the offer, and we would often enjoy hanging out in the backyard playing in the neighbors play yard, but due to unfortunate circumstances, our neighbor gave up the daycare, and sold many pieces to her outdoor equipment before she moved across town last fall. We were lucky enough to be able to buy a couple of the outdoor activity cubes (these are great for Gannon, but are really to small for Royce and Giovonnie)

but I would really like to get a swing set for the boys too, now that we won’t be venturing over to the neighbors to play. It would nice to get something that all my boys can enjoy, and I’ve seen a couple of nice ones over at CSNStores that are a bit more budget friendly and have free shipping.
Gorilla Playsets - 01-0002 - Congo Free Standing Swing SetSwing Town - MA3101 - Phoenix Swing Set

I'm thinking either just the swing set, or maybe it would be better to get one with a little fort attached. What do you think? Is the little bit extra money for the fort and climber worth the cost?


  1. I have such fond memories of visiting my cousin who had an incredible swing set my uncle built for her. It had a similar fort feature and we'd sit up there and talk and giggle and feel like we were escaping to our own little space.

    If it's in the budget, I think your kiddos would love it as much as I did!

  2. Trish,
    Thank you for your in-put. :)



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