Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let's Get This Party Started!

 Happy Birthday to Me....Happy Birthday to Me...Happy Birthday to Me...

It's my birthday month, and anyone who knows me knows I like to celebrate all month long, so I thought I'd like to host a party and invite everyone I knew! I hope that you all can make it.

What: An invite for my Scentsy Party in honor of my Birthday!
When: This whole week, until Sunday noon
Where: Online -- of course
How: Go visit my Scentsy Consultant Angelie Shrader at her Scenty Page (click here for the link) then Click Buy, and Join Little Bird Seed's Party, or click the buy from party link on the right side of her page.

and of course there is a FREE Party Favor: Everyone who puts in an order under my party will receive a Free Scentsy Circle Car Air freshener!

Scentsy Product can make great gifts for any occasion; birthdays, weddings, baby shower gifts, and lets not forget Valentine's Day!
Valentine's Day is coming up, or how about a great wedding gift.

These Guys would surely be great gifts for those you love on Valentine's Day, young and old.

So lets celebrate, come on over to my party.

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