Tuesday, September 8, 2009

~With Love

Thanks to all of you who wished us well on our 10-year anniversary last Friday. We celebrated by spending time with our family, and some of the other Cox families up in MN. (Thanks for letting us stay with you, Randy and Kelly).
Today we are headed back to MN this time for Gannon’s cleft surgery which will take place at the Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis. We are scheduled to check-in to the hospital at 6am and he should be in surgery by 7am. Gannon will have his soft palette repaired as well as his ear tubes realigned or replaced. Please keep Gannon in your prayers throughout his surgery and his recovery.

It's hard to even see it, but way to the back there is a small hole in the soft palate and no uvula. During the cleft surgery the hole will be repaired.

For those of you who are interested there are better pictures of what this cleft looks like and information on how the cleft is repaired at Pediatric ENT Associates (this is the clinic where Gannon goes to see Dr. Sidman for his cleft and ears) website: http://pedsent.com/surgery/cleftpalate.htm

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